Thursday, August 4, 2011

The WB Kids; Amazingly Creative, Respectful and Adventurous

I know that sometimes our kids don't like being called 'kids,' but they always will be to their parents no matter what.  I know that you will agree with me.

I wanted to blog about all of them today and how I personally appreciate, respect and adore their respective creative minds, responsible traits, the fact that they have impeccable manners, that they are very open minded, believe in themselves and are not afraid to take a risk or explore new things. Each one of them have their own strengths in each of these areas and as a parent, it is so amazing to watch them and yes, even learn from them as they go through their lives and these various experiences.

Chenin is the oldest and she is well versed in every area and more that I blog about.  Since I can remember, she has enjoyed crafts, i.e, scrapbooking, planning incredible events (her wedding was amazing) and being the organizer of all things.  I wonder where she got this from?  An impeccable student and person. When she was about seven years old she got involved in Students Against Drugs, etc.  During one summer, on her way to see me, she was sharing this involvement with one of the flight attendant's and she thought it was so amazing for a young person that they let her speak on the airplane microphone to share her thoughts on why it was important to her that she supported Students Against Drugs, etc.  Regardless, she was a hit.  I heard about it the minute the flight landed.  It is no wonder that she does what she does now.  More importantly, she has an amazing free spirit.  While she has her own set of beliefs, which I immesly respect, she is also very respectful of diverse walks of life and a live and let live philosophy too.  Chenin and her husband, Sean, recently were reassigned to Portland, Oregon, a gorgeous place to visit.  Moving is very stressful, let alone for a newlywed couple. Chenin made us very proud of her willingness to embrace their new adventure and to savour every moment of their new beginning together.  She made it an adventure and shared it with all of us via her amazing photographic talent.  Now, this was huge for her to go out on a limb like this and she should know that I took a few notes myself.  Well done, sweetie!

Meghan is a very creative artist in so many respects.  She not only can paint like nobody's business, she is an awesome writer too.  We have some of her pieces hanging in the house and I look at them in amazement of such an incredible talent.  She too is willing to take risks and literally move on a moments notice to make her world a better place.  For instance, she graduated this year from UW Milwaukee with a degree in Art History and then was accepted into the graduate program and UIC fro Museaum Studies,  That meant that she would need to take a risk and move to Chicago, away from everything she has known for a very long time.  While not far, it was the change and adventure that she did not fear.  While she had a little bit of help with finding it, she interviewed for a new job in Chicago and nailed the interview and at the same time, she found an apartment, loved it and got it all in the same few days.  This past Monday, she, her brother, Brian, her boyfriend and other friends moved her lock stock and barrel into her new place. She did not collect $200 when she passed go, she just went for it.  No fuss and no muss there. Wow!  Certainly a lesson in it for me there. Regradless, so excited for her new beginning too.

Brian is a very talented cook and writer.  He has a very creative soul with both.  I received a letter from him one Christmas that I still have saved to this day, that brought me tears of joy.  I had never read the likes of such poetry before. From his own creation came "Wingert's Wings." A very tasty and secret sauce I'm sure for this very popular and tasty treat every year at summer.  Brian is also very bright too. He takes on very challenging classes at Marquette University, now in his junior year.  Those classes include writing and speaking in Chinese and difficult math classes that I cannot even imagine how I would get through today.  Brian is another with a wonderfully contagious free spirit.  Brian is accepting of all things and very low key about intense things.  Very little really seems to bother him for too long if at all.  Now, I could certainly learn a lesson or two here.  Brian is getting ready to study abroad this summer in Ireland.  He has been looking forward to this trip and place for as long as I have known him.  I know the family can't wait to join him over the holiday this fall.  Brian, you need to know how very proud I know that your parents are of you too.

So, I took some time to blog and boast about the WB kids.  So deserving each of them in their own way.  We are proud of them all the same.  Love what you are all doing with your lives and I sure love you guys...very, very much!

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