Friday, August 12, 2011

Faith; The Puzzle of Understanding it and Maintainig it...

Faith.  A word that has several meanings to all of us and for many different reasons. For example, faith in God, faith in family, faith friends, faith that all things are possible and faith that all people are genuine and good.

In addition, for myself, faith is not only about my religious beliefs and feelings, but about maintaining faith in something or someone, despite the potential of obstacles that may end up in our way.  Those can even include someone else and/or their own belief system and faith.  Regardless, from my own personal experience, faith it is definitely something the courageous focus on daily.

I blog about faith today for myself, as well as for every member of my family, near, far, old and new.  I think we all need to keep our focus of faith clear.  No matter how you look at it, we all want and need the same things.  Getting there may be different for us, but in the end, it is about having faith.  However, today, I know that I need to maintain my focus for them and myself, but more for myself.  I know that I was brought to the date and time for a reason. Part of that reason belongs to my persistence, belief and faith in myself.  So, I admit that Ifind myself really focused now, so that I do not veer off course.

In a series of calls yesterday evening and early this morning, there was news of unfortunate family ill health, stress and strain. While certainly no different that any other family, some of these seemed to involve issues of our own creation, perhaps because of what was said, or even that personal faith may have been misplaced at that moment.  Regardless, stress created from ourselves about 'unknown' road blocks that we allow to get in the way, will only result in more distance and difficulty in maintaining both personal, as well as family joy and happiness. 

From time to time, I find that I need to dig deep within myself to maintain my faith, in almost all personal areas I described above.  Yesterday was one of those days.  Not only did I have to work hard to keep myself on course, I had to talk others off a bridge, at the same time I needed to maintain believing in my own faith. 

I found myself reaching out yesterday to the memory of a very wise and my wonderful mother.  I wondered what she would say to me about all of these things, as well as my feelings about them.  Despite her faults and secrets, we all have them, she was a woman before her time.  She was a very fair and open minded woman, and she could always see the "bright spot" in any situation.  She always had a reason to share as to why her kids must find a way to persevere, whether it be through a puddle, or a full on ocean of pain and despair.  She was the best example of a woman who fought until the bitter end in what she believed about in her life.  Those thoughts and memories worked.  I was able to not only stay on my own path, but I believe I  believe I might have found a way to talk the others off their bridge of confusion and despair.

As in all things we do in life, there will be uncertainty that we will face in order to get where we are going.  That very wise mother of mine once told me "never find yourself worrying about those things, people, or the 'whatever,' that you know nothing about...: What I always surmised from this philosophy of hers was to just let life happen and deal with the pieces of the puzzle as you know what they are, so you can then put them in their proper place.  So, while not an easy path, I know; I've never chosen the easy path, I intend to use her wisdom more often, especially as I go forward into the unknown this month and into the beginning of next.  Along with this, I will maintain my faith in all things. Including, God, myself, family, that all people are good and that things are possible as long as you believe.  All I can ask of all of you, is that you do your best to do the same.  No doubt we will all be much better people for it.

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