Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Some near and dear to me called me "a brave man" today because I stood up for my family, my principles, and that I was sincere when I wrote in a letter that I believed in myself. 

From my own experiece, as well as that of others I am close to, when it comes to finding meaning in life nothing fuels us more than standing up for what we believe in. Far too often people let themselves get bullied into submission, sway to popular opinion, or let the ignorant rant of one person force them to question their own beliefs.  I had to ask myself, does it really take someone to be 'brave,' to stand firm in their beliefs?  I was quick to realize that because of the ways of our society and the teachings of the world, there are times that it really does take bravery.

When something matters, when something needs to change, I have learned that there will always be some kind of opposition, or someone in opposition along the path. Some may truly be surprising. What I realized over my lifetime is that the only way to make change is to 'steel the wool,' is to be honest and deal with adverse opinions head on. I believe that you will never get anywhere in this world unless you stand by your words, enforce them with your actions, and be willing to have those hard conversations.  Keep in mind that those hard conversations may be with family, friends and perhaps even some of your greatest opponents. Without dealing with them and facing it head on, you won’t earn the respect of your supporters if you don’t.

My 'bravery' was a simple letter letting someone I love know that. I am who I am and that no matter what they or society may believe in their hearts to be " right," that I am faithful and loyal to my partner, family, the special one that we have created together and that they are my life.  I shared my views on mutual respect in all things that can be challenged by the other and that what really mattered in the end, was love.  Without love, none of us in our family would be here today to enjoy the miracles that we are blessed with today. 

It was a simple message of love and respect, but a very difficult one to put into words and share.  Difficult because we all have dreams and with our dreams always comes some level of risk that our dreams may not end up where we may want them to be.  This is reality, but a dream come true nonetheless.  A dream, because of the bravery we possessed in order no not surrender our principles and belief in ourselves, no matter the consequence, and to do it out of pure love.

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