Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Power of Positive Thinking

It has been a couple of days since my last entry.  The Power of Positive Thinking has taken me in a new and unexpected direction recently. 

I had an extraordinarily very busy and productive past weekend for myself and my Blog.  I was blessed with a gift and was selected for an interview with Symphony's "Making a Splash" sponsored by Blog Radio regarding the positive messages I write about on a daily basis.  Symphony is an organization that reports on regular people sending out positive and uplifting messages to people all over the world. The story of discovering my family also got the attention of this broadcast. It was truly a gift to have been selected.

This recent interview made me realize what the years of positive thinking have done for my life time and why I do my best to share that on a daily basis with people, for the most part, I do not even know.  It became crystal clear to me that, much like myself, many people grew up with or experience negative environments on a routine basis.  What I realized, during the unrehearsed interview, was that while it may have seemed to me and yes, even been both daunting and difficult experiences for me as I went through those events in my life time, that I chose to find and project a positive message from them for myself.  Not only that, but I found a way to ensure that I found and shared some form of a 'bright spot' in all things, good, bad or indifferent that have embraced my life.

While I believe that I subconsciously knew it, it finally registered with me that I did this because I knew that negative thoughts will produce negative results and positive thoughts will produce positive results. The result being that the more we focus on a particular thought or emotion the more it tends to manifest and influence our mind and our particular life situation.

This may really seem over simplified way of looking at it, but assure you that it was not as I was going through those experiences.  I don’t think it is a leap of faith to accept the truth about thinking positively and filling our thoughts with those things that we would like to see manifested in our lives. There is just the need to accept that by using positive thought that we will find a way to transform our lives and our circumstances as we go through life.

I believe the key phrase I continued to use throughout the interview was that I never gave up "believing in myself."  No matter what the circumstance, I kept persevering through it. It was that power of believing in myself that really got me through my first radio interview, as I am really not that great at being able to 'brag' about myself or the things I do in life, for myself or for others. I just do them because I enjoy them and they make me feel good.

I have learned that it takes a strong will and commitment to remain positive under all circumstances we are confronted with, in a way that will effectively make a change in your life.  it takes patience; because as we all know things generally don’t happen over night. It isn’t impossible but expect to be in it for the long haul.

We are always in a state of change and these will change as our goals and desires are fulfilled. I know that I as a direct result in maintaining a positive outlook and always believing in myself that I have experienced many wonderful things in my life and I look forward to experiencing many more.

We are divine in our very nature and are entitled by this very nature to have and experience anything we want. To have this, I believe that we must accept ourselves, as truly deserving special beings and the world will be ours for the taking.

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