Thursday, February 11, 2010


BELIEVE: I say this quite frequently to some of my friends and colleagues when days are tough and pressures mount for us because I believe in the power of the mind. This week was certainly been unkind to me. With these pressures mounting and the demands being torpedoed minute by minute, people focusing on the impossible and negatives, rather than the possible and the positives. It can have a detrimental affect on even the most inspirational. Regardless, just when I wondered where the "power of believing" was getting me this week, I heard some great news from a very dear friend. She has been working feverishly for months taking care of an ill parent, while pounding the pavement looking for a job at the same time. There were countless times I told her to never give up believing, even when I wondered why someone so incredible was enduring so much animosity. Well, once again, I will say never stop believing. Yesterday, that power came through for her as she landed a great new job and I saw the laughter on her face again, even though through words. Continue to BELIEVE!

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