Sunday, February 7, 2010


From time to time, life can throw us all curve ball and the plans before us, or life as we knew it can take an unexpected turn. Now, sometimes those "unexpected turns" can be beautiful, but just as wonderful as that can be, they can at times painful, making your life complicated and sometimes seem daunting. What I have learned from these experiences over my life is that you must never give in and always BELIEVE that all things are possible with the power of positive thought.

Like many before me, I have lived a very difficult life as a young man. Some of the experiences I've had over my life seemed like something from a soap opera, a horror movie and yes, even beautiful too. Over the years, I internalized, not rationalized my life's experiences. There were some horrific in moments life where I questioned any reason to go to my next day. I did not look beyond those times, instead, I questioned them. Good, bad or indifferent, I worked to get myself through the moments in time, become stronger and believe in myself again.

Then, through a gift, I became a parent. Being lost myself at the time this amazing experience provided me the personal power to believe in myself by learning to be a wonderful father , person and a someone I found I could believe in. I would read about inspiration and make it mine. The miracle for me is that I lived it, share inspiration with others and from time to time offer guidance from a real life perspective, not as a counselor or therapist, but as a loving human being. This lead to my inspiration of setting up this Blog.

On a daily basis, I hope to create, inspire, love and pass some personal inspiration that will provide the reader with the simple gift of faith in life, the power of your the experiences and the importance of enjoying one's existence.

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