Friday, September 30, 2011

Providing Does Make a Difference

This evening as I sat down to write I found myself in need of some general encouragement, not only for myself, but to make a difference to some readers for my next posting.  Yesterday's blog post about 'making it count' certainly plays a part in what I am conveying in my post today. Because encouraging words can really make a difference and unexpectedly too.

So, I found myself asking why did I need 'encouragement?' Well, it was simple to figure that out.  It had been one of those weeks; correction, it has been one of those last couple of months where I have been the one who needed to be the cheerleader, the provider, the doer, providing guidance and step by step motivational encouragement.  Then during the last couple of weeks, I knew that I was in need of some of that for myself.  I did not need much, just something simple, something to break the routine that has entered my realm of existence.  You see, I was witness all week at what encouragement did for some of my favorite baseball teams who never thought they would get to the post season playoffs and they did.  Why?  Because their coaches and managers encouraged them.  I know that you will agree with me that even those of us in positions of authority at work, or at home for that matter, who are there, and happy, to provide 'encouragement' for others or loved ones, need some of the same thing from time to time.

Don't you remember the good words or good advice that someone once said or gave to you? Don't you remember those people that always have a good word for you, or who are always there when you need help or guidance to work through an issue? I'll bet that you surely remember how good it made you feel or energized you were! If you have such people in your life,that is no doubt a great blessing and you must cherish them! But, I will go one step further, those words provided you with what you needed to get through the moment, to the next step or move on to the next item in your pile of things to do.

Tonight I found myself out of the necessary fuel to get to the next step. I knew the encouragement  was not going to come from anyone at my place of employment at the moment, that was a given for now and it is what it is.  Then of course there is knowing who I am and that I am not the type of person to seek it out and to ask for it, well that was out of the question, or was it?  It was OK, indeed, but would I do it was the question.

Well, before I knew it I was on my way home after a long and grueling day.  Earlier this week, I had reached out to most members of my family to 'encourage' them and to let them know that I loved and missed them.  As I was on my way home, I heard back from most of them and they were doing their part to do the same thing for me. Little did they know how much I needed it at the very moment I heard from them.  It was awesome, it was exactly what I needed to get beyond the day, or even the week for that matter.

There is a normal tendency to stop encouraging if you see that the person you give your good words to does not seem to appreciate and on the contrary you feel they disregard it. Use wisdom of course but remember that you might have not paid attention yourself when someone came to give you a good word, maybe you were simply distracted.

I offer this to all of us as we go on to our weekends and get ready for next week. We can also boost the effect of encouragement. For instance if you compliment someone immediately after their work performance for example, it is a good thing but if let’s say you didn’t have the chance to tell them how well you thought he performed, mentioning and encouraging them a week later will have double effect because it means that it stayed on your mind and even a week later you reminded! The same thing will apply to your kids (no matter how old they are) or your spouse when they do something good. Make sure to take the time to let them know how much you appreciated it and why. If you can't do it then, then call them or send them a note to let them know how they made a difference or how proud you are of them.

Providing praise or encouraging someone is GOD given and very valuable, that’s why when it becomes a way of life it nurtures not only the people it brings a boost to, but also the recipient of this precious gift

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