Friday, September 23, 2011

For Chenin; Live in the Present my Love...

Chenin lives in Oregon now and loves it.  While I miss her terribly, I am very happy for her and my son-in-law, Sean. 

It is always the bright spot of my week when we get to talk to one another.  We missed a week because of we were both traveling.  Regardless, we had one of our wonderful catch up calls on Wednesday night this week, while on my drive home.  She continues to amaze and inspire me. 

Chenin and Sean are extraordinarily busy these days with their jobs.  Chenin is really busy in her new role and finding herself traveling a great deal.  She loves it, but I can tell that she is finally understanding what her parents (all of us) have been saying to her all her life about how busy life can become when you 'grow up.'

They seemed to have settled into their new lives in Oregon quite well, but I can tell when my little girl needs me or needs to talk...this was one of those times.  Her and Sean are doing  great, but she is worried about her family far away from her.  Being away from her mother is very hard for her and very new too.  I can tell that it is even more difficult for her now because there are some family struggles, new ones, that her mom, Linda, and step dad, Lorne. are now confronted with and she wants to find a way to be there for them.  I certainly understand her devotion to family and where she gets it, especially where her parents are concerned. 

It was really a challenging conversation, not because I couldn't talk her through her thoughts and what was on her mind, but because I could feel her pain and even though it is very real, I wanted her to focus on life, the present and the things that she could control.  Being there for her mom and step dad when she could be, calling them just to say hello and to tell them that she loves them and visiting them when she gets back in California. I know that was hard for her because she now knows that she cannot control the unknown.  I encouraged Chenin that all she could is be there for them in the ways we talked about above and to do what she is able to do now from afar.  But I reminded her that she was doing the right thing by remaining upbeat and positive.  That she could take that hope in her heart to them to encourage everyone to live in the present and to only worry about making today count.

Today is for Chenin, Linda and Lorne.  I have really spent time reflecting on life as a result of my call with Chenin the other night.  I suppose, for whatever reason, I have been doing that for a while now, but more now for them.  I want them to know that their family in the Midwest are thinking about them, sending our the good energy, positive thoughts and prayers that hope, love, family, laughter and joy will be the only things that embrace their lives now. 

Holding on to the present, enjoying today, loving and embracing family and being sure that we make everything count while we can is really all that matters. 

With love...

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