Saturday, January 28, 2012

Changing the Way We Look at Things

Life over the past year, has placed me in a deep thought and process mode regarding how to put the final details to words in order to complete my book draft.  Some of those details and thoughts involve the opening chapter.  However, I believe that it has been harbouring "attack" thoughts in my mind for some of life's unexpected experiences and toxic people lately, which has brought me writer's block, kept me from exploring my creative and emotional side to drive my story home.

As indicated in my recent blog posts, it has been a wild ride for me since the turn of the new year.  Though I had no control over the surprise of the things that came out of no where, we seldom do,  I know that I am a blessed and, while not immediately, have always been grateful to God for all the things and blessings in my life, good bad and indifferent. While those experiences can either add joy, sorrow or pain to our lives, they have always been what have provided me with either miracles, or the tools to strive to make the next day of in my life even better than the one before.  Above all, they remind me daily that it pays to accept them as a humble man. 

Today, for whatever the reason, I am willing to remember that it may be my unforgiving thoughts that are at he root of my not feeling at ease with certain things and even some people that are part of my daily life and my world. Today, I am again able to see the value in maintaining a positive attitude, the way I view things, and the self power we can feel with forgiveness.  The power it has provided me today is a breakthrough in my writing.

It is very interesting, but with the end of a year and the turn of the new year, I have been provided with a "Wake-up Call" to understand and embrace all of the good, bad and the indifferent.  After all, I cannot control the actions of others, but I do not have to allow them to invade my world. I may have to deal with them, for now, but they are not able to control me or the beauty of my existence.

With this new found power and insight, while it may seem or even sound corny to some, I am able to shut down the toxicity that seems to have wiggled its way into my world, to take a new look at all of the values that I hold dear, and to have and maintain an open mind to all new thoughts, ideas and beliefs. I feel as though I found a new way to open my heart and mind to the fire of creative energy by letting go of my self-imposed limitations.

I want to end this entry today with another one of my favorite quotes by Wayne Dyer, "“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  Amen to that...

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