Monday, October 10, 2011

Inspire Someone Today

I was recently inspired by a wonderful person whom I barely knew.  This person reached out to me to let me know that, while we did not know each other that my Blog has served as an inspiration and that because of reading it, took stock of their life and realized that they were very proud of the way they lived their  life.  She truly inspired me to keep on blogging.  Honestly, she made my day and that continuing with this Blog even more worth it to me.

We have all looked up to someone in our lives for one reason or the other.  I'd venture to say that part of the reason was that the person had a way of inspiring you to be all you could be. They are able to do that because they possess certain qualities in their character that enable them to inspire others.  Some of these qualities and characteristics don't require a Harvard education, as they could very well be inherent in us.

Inspiring others can be challenging. Whether it is to inspire your employees, a friend or family member in need of being inspired.  It could be someone you meet the same day or, as in my case. even someone that you just met or started to chat with and really don't know much until they reach out and find a way to inspire you.

It seems easy, but I suppose we have to first confirm with ourselves that we we are "worth inspiring," and then we will be able inspire others without even knowing it. As I said, is seems easy, but like any other endeavor or goal, the “how” aspect is not as easy.

Have you ever set the goal to stand as an inspiration to other people? There are diverse motivations why people would like to inspire others. For some, it is about becoming known for their abilities and for others, it may be about setting the example for other people. Even still, some do it for self fulfillment and self actualization. Whatever the reason, it is all about making a difference for yourselves or those who you may inspire.

I believe that people who inspire others are open-minded. They have the ability to listen to various ideas even if they know some of that information already. Remember, no one holds the monopoly of brilliant and or noble ideas.

Being open-minded does not entail considering every idea that is laid on the table. It is about recognizing that other ideas may be good options without wasting too much time dealing with every single idea. Being open-minded should be tempered with the ability to screen out what may and may not work.

I suppose that not everyone is always as 'open-minded,' or sensitive of what is going on around them, to know what needs to be changed and even how to change it. When I thought about being able to inspire others, I knew that in order to do that that I needed to be able to first inspire myself.  In order to do that it was about a few things for me personally.  It was about being inspired myself  and to know how to make a difference in a positive way, to do some great things or perform some little actions that makes a great impact.  These things help me daily to continue to inspire myself and others.

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