Tuesday, October 11, 2011


A truly amazing day.  I was able to see two incredible friends of mine from my former California life, and all in the same day.

Each of them, neither knowing the other, are in Chicago this week on business and sent me notes requesting to connect with me.  It was heartwarming to receive their notes after several years had passed.  Yes, we stayed in touch and communicated by email and when I returned to California over the past five years, I would always find a way to them, as with some others, for a 'catch-up' meeting or just to be able to share some special time together.  Today was one of those days and while not expecting it or requiring it, I was genuinely touched that they returned the favor to me.

My friends have added such beauty to my life.  I really could write individual blog posts for each of them, but they would ultimately read the same. They are my chosen family, they have been there for me through the good times, the indifferent times, hearing each other out, sharing life stories, party with and yes, to shake me silly when I need it and I do from time to time. I try to let them know that they mean the world to me and I never forget to share in their special moments. near or far.

It is true that distance can keep you apart from one another, when you'd rather be right there with them, but nevertheless, I know that I can pick the phone up and it would be as if I had never left, or if I move away, that we would all make the time to see each other when we were sharing the same city; much like today with my visits from Monika and Derick. 

So today, I dedicate my Blog post to not only Monika and Derick, but all of my friends, andall of the friends of the world.  Yes, that would include you, my reader and I leave you with my heartfelt thanks and to always remember that - Good friends are like stars…. You don’t always see them, but you know they are always there...


  1. Best of all, they shine the brightest when everything else around you is dark.

  2. Absolutely, they sure do. In more ways than one.