Monday, July 25, 2011

Thankful for All I Have

I would be remiss if I did not take a moment to let everyone know just how thankful I am for all I have been blessed with and have to look forward to in my life.  I try each time I blog to be sure to include just how grateful I am for life's blessings and this special gift and miracle of new family.

It has been a wild couple of days taking care of my family and the things that come with our home, love, health and wellness.  In addition, I have been pleasantly pre-occupied with opening up lines of communication with my newly discovered family. What a gift!

I have settled into somewhat of a routine with communicating with my newly discovered brother, David.  We enjoy calling one another, checking in, finding out new things about each other, events in our lives and our learning more about out children. I personally learn wonderful new things about him, his children and Lorna, the wonderful woman that he loves and the things in his life as well as the things that make him tick.  I have enjoyed and I am thankful for each of these moments.

I have also been communicating, via phone and text with my newly discovered brother, Michael.  He is still a newly wed and just the thought of that kind of special love and happiness each time I jot him a line or dial his number makes me very happy for him, puts a welcomed smile on my face and in my heart.  Love is beautiful and the love and history he and his bride, Jen have shared is uniquely special and when I hear more about them, I have the biggest smile in my heart.

The brother I grew up with all my life, Jimmy, is now happily married and ecstatic that our dad is back in our lives.  He called me the other day just to thank me and to see how I was doing.  But, more importantly, he calls me more frequently now and I love it. I can see and feel the smile in his heart and on his face each time he calls me and either leaves me a message or we speak in person.  What an amazing gift we have been given and I express my gratitude to God for opening up this opportunity for us.

I finally was able to speak with my newly discovered sister, Kelly last night.  I enjoyed learning about her life for the first time, past and present, her love for her husband and family and about the super mom (my words, not hers) that she is for her children.  Our conversation was about focusing on the new and not the old and how the gift of the truth can really set you free.  We laughed about the stories we shared about her life, my life, the recent wedding and reunion in Boise, Idaho.  We talked about how both of us felt apprehension at first, but how those quickly dissipated once we talked. I feel connected to her now and as if all the barriers I originally felt put in my path are slowly coming down. 

The more I learn about my newly discovered family and share with my present family, the more proud I feel about myself, my family and how truly grateful I feel for beauty of this new beginning.

While I have always done my best to do so, starting today, I will be sure to not let a day go by that I do not express my gratitude for all I have.

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