Tuesday, July 26, 2011

So, What About Steve?

Today's blog is for my partner, Steve. I have been thinking of this blog for him for quite some time and while each time I give thanks for my family; of course he is included with them.  But he certainly deserves his own post for all he is to me and does for our lives.

Our lives are not Camelot, for whose life really is?  Unfortunately and silly as it may seem, our lives are questioned and judged by many and our life together is no exception. Steve put up with my one year culture shock and adjustment to the Midwest, a feat not dared by some.  Trying times have been ours for sure, but, I assure all of you that our life together is solid, beautiful, loving and filled with an amazing family too.  I beleive my life with Steve is a dream come true. 

Faults, we both have plenty.  But the good news is that we both know forgiveness, can read between the lines and share many of the same hopes, fears, dreams and love for family that many other couples in life do.  I will admit that there are times with the ways of the world and marriage that I feel ours is more sincere and real compared to others.  But, we do not judge or compare, for we only wish that the same kind of love and happiness could be shared by all. Then perhaps the judgments and political debate will come to an end.

We are there for each other at all costs, no matter what.  We would move heaven and earth for our children, separate and shared. We can be found supporting one another, no matter what has come our way.  A concept I believe many could take to heart.  For I truly believe it would help strengthen lives and asssit in making many dreams come true.

Steve has blessed my life in many ways over the years.  Probably the most significant was recently because of his knowledge of what it meant for me learn the truth of my past and learn what I could about my family tree in order for me to find a way to let go of the past.  In this pursuit, Steve provided me with the tools and in the end became one of the major conduits to making that reality come true for me.  But until then he has freely shared his wonderful family with me and my daughter, Chenin, when I thought mine was lost and we became the WB.  I am forever grateful to him for this gift. He helps keeps me focused on my goals and dreams and I love doing the same for him and our families. 

Steve has taught me how to "build a basement," which really cracks my west coast friends up in disbelief. I may not be the "farmer" that Steve is yet, but I love planting, caring for and harvesting our own vegetable garden every year now because of him.  I believe, without hesitation, that we have been able to ground the other when the time was essential to do so too. 

So, "What about Steve" some of you ask?  He makes my life amazing, not perfect, but we don't do perfect/ We would not want that because the mistakes we have made along the way have made us stronger. There are days when I now wonder what I ever did before him and his family.  But, I do know this; that I have found in him place called home.  The WB; with Steve.

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