Friday, July 29, 2011

Removing any Obstacles

My "Wake-up Call" (above) for the day is very appropriate for myself today.  For the Labor Day holiday weekend this year, Steve and I will head to Buffalo to spend a few days meeting all of my "newly discovered" family.  The first obstacle is out of the way; I have been reunited with my dad.  Many other obstacles have been removed as well; as I have been communicating with my "newly discovered" family on a regular basis.  Sometimes to just wish each other a good day now.

Now the time has come to introduce Steve to my "family."  I believe it is time now because as  the get to know me better, it is important to me that they get to know the complete me and all the beauty associated with me and my life.  Don't get me wrong, I do not view this as an obstacle at all. It is simply a part of the process that will be necessary to get to know all there is about me and in a way and for all of us to understand how our various families will interact with each other in the coming future.  Regardless, for me, it is essential that they know Steve, myself and our children are a package deal. 

So why talk about obstacles, you ask?  Because it has been shared with me, that while the obstacle is not with Steve or I, that because of what may be part of a ingrained belief system, life and church teachings and really, no matter how you look at it; non-experience with our lifestyle, that there may be some perceived obstacles with some of my "newly discovered" family, to overcome and to help them understand as a family.  Becasue I believe in my heart this may be just one's own perception shared as some loving precautionary guide, it is important to say that this is not what we believe.

Certainly for Steve and I, this is an non-issue and as we make our preparations for our Buffalo adventure, we are keeping a very positive attitude and maintaining our focus on the reunion of family and the power of that bond and love.  Of course and unfortunately, because society has made it so, we are preparing for the unknown too. but always hoping for acceptance of who we are as men and open arms because we are family.

Steve and I are not about creating obstacles and neither are our children.  We are about having open minds, freedom and all it stands for and creating opportunity.  Honestly and without any difficulty over the years, we have been successful with tolerance, acceptance all because of the love and understanding of our families and friends.  We are just two fun loving, normal guys and all we come into contact with know that about us.  So, I have no preconceived obstacles in my way because I BELIEVE in myself, who I am, what I stand for and in the power of the love of family, present and new. 

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