Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A New Family's Future

Now that the reunion of the long lost father with his first born sons has taken place, it is all about what comes next for me and I'm certain for my newly discovered family too. 

Actually, the "what comes next" has been on my mind before the reunion ever took place last weekend.  As a result. I have been very fortunate that I have already been in contact with two of my new brothers, David and Michael and just before leaving for my whirlwind weekend, my sister, Kelly reached out to me to wish us the very best for the weekend. 

During the weekend reunion and wedding in Boise, Idaho, I was in constant communication with those that I have made connections with.  I was either using some form of social media, texting or other telecommunications method to keep everyone up to date, as to the new and latest family development or experience was happening in real time.  I did this in order to do my part to make everyone, who wanted to be, part of the miracle that unfolded.  I do believe it was a success.  There was always an updated avenue for everyone to enjoy the miracle as it occurred. 

Now, comes the personal connection, for some as well as myself, perhaps the preferred method of interacting, learning about and enjoying family.  So, the voice connections have begun to spread to others in the family now and it is putting a whole new face on our new beginning and new family too.  Of course, I am a realist and certainly understand that there are many unanswered questions and pasts to discover from one another, learn about on another and that we all have a great deal of catch up with each other. 

I have shared with my new family that I am an open book and I too have many unanswered questions myself.  Some of which I have already been asked answered last weekend and in various communications.  Stay tuned, as I will blog about some of thin the coming days.  I'm certain that there are others, for all of us. to difficult to ask about without the potential for opening up old wounds and not so pleasant memories.  Regardless, they need to be asked and answered and I for one am ready.

I am planning on what I hope will be a full family reunion for the Labor Day weekend in Buffalo, New York.  I know that I have two brothers, dad and Sandy (mom) on board.  I believe that my other siblings need a download from "mom" and dad before taking the next step and leap of faith.  As like in any situation, this being no exception to the rule, there may be some skepticism around the "why now?" part of this new beginning.  I want everyone to know that I am ready to open up, no matter what, for I believe it is time.

The only answer I have for the "why now?" for those who need it, is that we must all be ready for it.  There can really be no other answer from me, as I was not armed with many details to begin my search all those years ago.  I had no real names, dates, places or truth on my side to work with during my long arduous search but that never stopped me for long.  So, it is important for all of you to know that I could not get a break on cracking the code to the secrets and lies until I literally stumbled across it by accident on that beautiful May 1st day of this year.

I am ready to move forward.  No, I have moved forward, already in many respects.  But, I am not letting the past ruin my present. Now, I would welcome the pure joy and pleasure to share me and my immediate family with this incredible gift of a my new family and all its members.

I send love and hope that all of us can understand that winning and moving this process along will be all about learning from our collective pasts, including, our successes, struggles and failures and turning all of the positives, which clearly have the most power, and any weaknesses we've each learned from over the years into strengths for our future.

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