Saturday, July 30, 2011

Keeping My Eye on the Goal

Faith.  A very powerful word and process and it may have different meanings for many people, but, powerful if used correctly nonetheless,

I write my blogs from the heart, with a great deal of thought behind them.  The thought of the day that comes my way may be my own, for someone else, or provided by someone else, but affects me nonetheless in a way that I choose to express myself in words here in my blog. 

Yesterday, I wrote about 'Removing Obstacles," and unknowingly and certainly not intentionally, I put an obstacle in my own path about my upcoming and very welcomed visit to Buffalo over Labor Day weekend.  This unintentional obstacle was put in the way not only for myself, but perhaps for others in my family too.  I am so grateful to have it pointed out to me in a loving and respectful manner this morning.  The unexpected and amazing note gave me pause for thought about how I let the thoughts come out in writing for my blog.

I spent the morning thinking about where the obstacle came from and more importantly why I let it affect me as it apparently had.  What I realized over the past several hours is that is that for a very good part of my young life I has been fearful of some form of abandonment or rejection and that came crashing through in yesterday's blog.  It came through in a way that could be misconstrued of the very thing that I dislike, having preconceived ideas and perceptions from mere words shared by others. 

It is important for me to publicly announce, as I did yesterday in my blog., that I mean it with all my heart that I did not intend to disrespect anyone member of my "newly discovered" family, their believe system of their faith. 

What is important to note about yesterday's blog is that I was sincere when I said that there are no "obstacles" and that I BELIEVE in the "power of love of family."  My initial contact with everyone, both in person and telephonic, has given me pure joy and I know that each meeting and conversation is very sincere and real in every respect.

What the most welcomed note of the day has taught me is that I have a great deal to remember and even learn about what I post about each day and that includes having faith.  Another new and wonderful man and friend noted on my post that "Obstacles are the things we see when we take our eyes off the goal."  I really let one of my past fears take my eye off the goal.


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