Tuesday, July 5, 2011

If You Can Imagine It...

I imagined more amazing beauty and times for my life and they became a reality...

An absolutely amazing July 4th holiday weekend meeting some wonderful new friends, as well as the opportunity to connect with more members of my "newly" discovered family. 

I connected with my brother, Michael and his wife, Jennifer, over the holiday weekend for the first time.  They were visiting dad and his mom in Buffalo and the news of this discovery became their reality too.  Michael and Jennifer reached out to me (complete with family photo) in order to share part of the excitement of their weekend with family, learning more about "the discovery" and then connecting with me.  Truly another amazing moment in time.

I trust all of you were also able to take in the meaning of the holiday weekend and enjoy the amazing feeling of being able to live free.  I made sure I took the time to thank the men and women who fought to give that right to me.

Today, I am imagining a productive day for both my personal and professional lives.  No doubt it will be a busy one at work, but I want to make time for me today, as well, so that I may finally move forward and away from my dilemma that I wrote about last week.  Nevertheless, it was a good weekend and I took time to focus on what it is I wanted and needed from the potential opportunity to reunite with my father at my brother's wedding in Idaho.

I want to thank everyone who shared their  thoughts and especially those in my family for reminding me that there really can be no dilemma for me, as I have dreamed of this moment in time for over 22 years, never knowing that it would ever even happen, let along come now during one of the most busy professional times for me.

Regardless, I routinely talk to my family and friends about "not living with regrets," and I believe that this time, I have to pay attention to that statement for myself now. 

I had a great conversation with my dad and his wife, Sandy last night.  I did not share with my dad that I would try to reunite with him in Idaho at the wedding, as I tend to want to hold off, so there can be no disappointments for any of us.  I did share with Sandy that I was going to see what I could work out to make the journey.  I could tell she was pleased at the thought for dad and myself.  I am too!

So, today as I imagine what tomorrow might bring, I am reminded that yesterday is gone and can never, ever return. The only time I can change is right now, so look out. A valuable reminder for all of us.

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