Monday, June 27, 2011

Yes, You Can Get Through Today!

It is Monday and quite a challenging day to get everything done that is on the plate, yours and otherwise.  So many have shared with me today and it is an exceptionally bad day.  Some of the reasons I will share in this Blog post today.  So, if you find that today is a particularly rough day for you, just remember - you can get through it.

If your boss is getting on your nerves so badly that you want to quit, remember - you can get through today.

If you feel like your relationships is so bad that you are contemplating a change, remember - you can get through today.

If the bills are pressing in on you and you're worried about losing your home, remember - you can get through today.

If the worst happens and you receive a foreclosure notice, repossession paperwork or a pink slip at work, remember - you can STILL get through today.

So much of life has to be taken one day at a time. And even when the worst happens, most of us still find the will to succeed. How many paraplegics ever thought they'd continue to enjoy life after experiencing a horrible accident? What man or woman ever believed they'd be just as happy single as they were when they were together in a relationsip? And what person who ever filed for bankruptcy could anticipate the joy they'd find in learning (finally) how to manage their finances?

No matter what your circumstances today - remember - YOU CAN GET THROUGH TODAY!!

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