Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day, Dad 2011!

Happy Father' Day, Dad! 

Life is amazing and it has been an unbelievable ride for me this year.  Last year, as a result of my past, I was left to believe that my father was not in my life to wish a happy father's day. Who knew that this year, as I celebrated an amazing weekend with Chenin and head home to do the same with Steve and his kids, that I would have found out that my dad was in this life and like me prayed for the day that he too would have his first born sons wish him a "Happy Father's Day" too.  Well, fate and perseverance took me to this day in time where I found my father and will be calling him today to thank him for giving me life and wish him a wonderful day.

When I found and sent my very first father's day card to him this year, it was a moment in time like no other.  But, the perfect card found its way into my reading and its way to my father.  I am happy to share that as beautiful as it was for me to send the card to him, it was as equally beautiful for him to receive it.

So, as I had the most incredible father's day with my daughter, Chenin and her husband and look forward to the remainder of the day with my family at home is Wisconsin, I am as excited as a little kid in a candy store to call my dad and wish him a happy father's day, my first ever.

Thank you, destiny and fate for giving me this opportunity to BELIEVE that all good things come to those who wait and that my father was there waiting for me too.

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