Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Father, Savouring the Moments

Yesterday was a great day!  All days are great, no matter what, as there is always a message I can walk away with from each of them that offer solutions for the next one in front of me.

However, yesterday, as I walked down the streets of Portland, Oregon with my daughter, Chenin, we talked, laughed (so very good for the soul) and shared our own memories of how we got to that moment in time.  Whether she realized it or not, I was able to listen to Chenin share moments of her past, our past, our family's past and watch how she smiled because they truly made her very happy.  It was such a good feeling for a father to know that those past moments mattered in her life.  That realization truly put a smile on my face and in my heart.  It was very special to know what even the memory of a song we share meant to her, her life and how accurate it depicted our relationship, our lives, past, present and future.

The day continued with more moments, funny ones, silly ones and serious ones that made the rest of the day shared even more incredible.  We may not have really have done a great deal during of "stuff: during the day, but we sure made some more great personal face time memories along the way. 

This trip was so important for me to see first hand her new life with her husband, Sean and see just how happy she really is in her new surroundings, home, and friends and how passionately her husband loves her.  I got to see, up close and personal, the love and happiness they share,  I cannot even begin to describe what a comfort it was for a father.

What was so incredible about yesterday, was that we can take a simple moments over coffee, or while I watch her work in her new office, get lost in Powell Books and really make each of those moments in time count.

The closeness we share, no matter how far apart we may find ourselves at times, is because of those moments we've shared in our past, the unspoken knowledge that love does conquer all, and that knowing when we get together again, it is like taking up where we left off from our last moment in time together.

I challenge all of you to do your best to do savour the moments that you share and make them special.  Whether it is with the love in your life, your children, families or friends, make them special in ways that only you know how. It does make all the difference in the world and it makes all of the other moments that follow stronger and very exciting.

So, be sure to make today count!  What a wonderful Father's Day weekend for me this year.

Love to all my children!

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