Thursday, June 9, 2011

Father of the Bride, Continued

So, it has been some time (over a year) since Chenin's wedding, and since I last shared my experience here. I have been a busy man putting my life; past, present and future together.Well, you can see that I was right, she is stunning and made for a beautiful bride. Unless you have taken a walk in my shoes, the entire experience is so hard to sum up or express into words.

What I can share with you in the several days of events leading up to her wedding, were filled with reminiscing, sharing conversation and memories with her and her mother, Linda. So very glad that we are still very good friends. Chenin's siblings were all present and they give her the stage without hesitation.

I enjoyed getting to really know my son-in-law again, along with his family of the Donahue's. They really know how to party. They took the weekend to make it a family reunion too. How very nice for them to have been able to take the time to share time together. We all need to take a note here.

My fondest memory from this wedding was a very interesting experience for me. It was "The Walk" with Chenin. We planned a long walk, as there were two of us to share her walk with and she wanted the long walk with me, so we could share memories, discuss life, happiness and marriage too. I loved these few moments with her and will cherish them forever. While they were only a "few moments," it felt like a lifetime together. During the entire walk; and I am not kidding, Chenin appeared to me as only a little girl. I had to shake my head many times, but it wasn't until the wind caught us just before the arch when her vail blew over her face, when she laughed and then looked up at me and then hugged me (almost being as tall as me), when she became my young lady the new bride.

While many, there was one moment in time that will live in my heart and mind forever was our dance (pictured here). Our song has always been Butterfly Kisses, so appropriately, togther we chose that song as our "Father and Daughter" dance. I assure you that there wasn't a dry eye in the house. This wedding was an incredible moment it time for my awesome daughter, her family and friends. We take comfort knowing how much of a good man Sean is and I know that he will move heaven and earth to love, honor and protect her, always and in all ways.

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