Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Beautiful Night Shared with Friends, Makes for a Beautiful Day

Yes, there are clouds in the sky and the cold has moved in again on Wisconsin and the Midwest, but today is a beautiful day.  Enjoyed a wonderful evening with our friends and neighbors at the Racine Country Club last night.  An amazing treat for us, no doubt about it.  We love Mark and Sarah; they are very good friends, good to us and our adult kids, whom they adore. 

I shared my story of "Finding my Father" with them last night. They were mesmerized and thrilled that my search was over and like me, hope that this is the beginning of something beautiful and amazing. 

As part of the story, some old wounds were opened for me too.  I was finally able to share part of my story growing up with a "bad man" whom I knew to be my father.  Don't get me wrong, I have moved on, but what was so poignant about the moment was being able to finally put the pieces together and share the story of emotional and physical abuse, and yes, some shame, yet feel liberated at the same time.  It was almost, no, it was very cleansing.  I felt close to God for the first time in my life as I shared and smiled with pride that I had survived such a life.  At the same time, I felt blessed that I have such an amazing life and while judged by many, is truly a gift from above no matter how you look at it. 

Mark, Sarah and Steve all agree that this story should be a book and a book that will INSPIRE all who read it.  So, I guess that means I need to get going.  Who knows, maybe one day soon, I can let the stressful life of a COO go and enjoy the peace and yes, my dream of being a writer.  A writer who will lift up the audience, motivate and encourage those who may not be able to understand the "why" in their current situation, as I did mine for so many years.

Today is a day to celebrate Pride here in Wisconsin (the Milwaukee and surrounding areas) and that is exactly what I intend to do, celebrate who I am.

To those who have started to read my Blog and find it compelling and yes, interesting too, get ready for one awesome ride. Because the ride has been awesome, no matter what the road looked like getting here.

Hugs to the world today and special love is sent to my new family and my constant love is always there for the family who got me here today.

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