Thursday, June 23, 2011

Be an Artist and Paint your Life Canvas

                                                   I'm still painting the canvas of my life.  Are you?
I'd venture to say that all of us are artists in one form or the other.  Let's face it, with each day that we live and share with our families and friends we are all an artist painting our life's canvas.  Only we understand what the next stroke will be, or who gets to make it.

Creating our canvas is not meant to be difficult and we have all the paint and materials we need with us.  What can be the challenge is making the time to complete the canvas.  Life has a tendency to get in the way some times.  It does for all of us. 

Because I've learned to never say the B word again, "busy," my family and friends will tell you that I refer to myself as "a rat on wheels," that's because there is so much continually going on around me, whether I am directly involved or sharing the moment with another family member or friend.  It's all good for me, as long as that wheel gets to take a break, receives much needed oil and knows where I need to stop in order to get up and make my next paint stroke.

What I love about my canvas is that I can use any color I chose and it can be assymetrical too. It is my own design.  I let others add their touches to it too, that is what makes my life such a beautiful place to be.  I think the key is to know who to allow to touch your life's canvas, or perhaps you want everyone to be a part of that canvas.  I would just offer this.  For anyone who sees life a little more dark that you, allow them to be a part of the design.  But, as I try to do, I would suggest that you are sure to seek out the lighthearted and those loving souls in your life to add just the right touch of highlights.

I would suggest that you paint with passion and always look back on your canvas each day with pride!

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